How to pass string with several words and line endings \n as a parameter to a function

  echo “myFunc param1 = $PARAM1”
myvar=$(curl --help)
echo "First test without quotes"
myFunc $myvar
echo "Second test with double quotes"
myFunc "$myvar"
echo "Third test with single quotes"
myFunc '$myvar'

Solution : Second test

rst test : $myvar will be replaced by it’s value that contains a lot of words with spaces and line endings, for myFunc the first word will be the first parameter

Third test : $myvar is not interpreted

How display line endings \n that are inside a variable

myvar=$(curl --help)
echo "First test (line endings have disappeared)"
echo $myvar
echo "Second test with correct display (line endings are present)"
echo "$myvar"

line 3 line endings are notre interpreted

line 5 line endings are interpreted and you have the same display as if you execute the command curl –help