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When using our company VPN, why some URL that are exposed publicly and also internaly, are sometimes not correctly resolved on employees laptop?

Description of the problem In your company you have an internal URL for a server, for instance: It means you have an entry for in your DNS server You also want to expose publicly this URL to… Continue Reading →

SELinux tricks

SELinux context not changed after semanage fcontext and restorecon Verify the order in which your SELinux rules will be applied You have the order in which the SELinux rules have been added. It is this order that will be followed… Continue Reading →

Samba vs SMB vs CIFS vs NFS

CIFS, SMB and NFS are protocols. And Samba is an implementation of SMB protocol on Linux OS. SMB (Server Message Block) SMB is a network protocol created by IBM for the share of resources (files and printers) in local networks…. Continue Reading →

Linux utmp, wtmp, btmp

/var/run/utmp => shows who is currently connected to the system. Not all the programs use utmp, thus you can have more users connected than displayed in utmp. /var/log/wtmp => is an historical record of utmp data /var/log/btmp => record of… Continue Reading →

Public key authentication on Linux – best practices: a more secure way to connect to your hosts without login and password

Note: for the whole article, I will work with a linux user called ansible on a host called also…ansible! 🙂 ssh-keygen When you use ssh-keygen you will generate a private and public key pair. And you’ll have to choose which… Continue Reading →

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