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Do not trust chatGPT answers

Just be careful, chatGPT is a black box, you don’t know how it resolves your question. Furthermore on a question when you lack some knowledge, your no able to evaluate the quality of the answer. For instance, I’ve just knock… Continue Reading →

Tomcat start with ansible doesn’t work, tomcat starts but process doesn’t stay active

It happens because when ansible close it’s ssh connection, and when the ssh connection is closed the kernel sends SIGHUP to the controlling process of the ssh connection. But when execution, the java process will receive the SIGHUP and… Continue Reading →

.bash_profile environment variables are not set with ansible connection when I become an unprivileged user

This happens when you use the become directive, for instance: The documentation says two things: The become_user set to user with desired privileges — the user you become, NOT the user you login as. Does NOT imply become: yes, to… Continue Reading →

Ansible inventory, best practices to manage ssh key with a bastion (jump host)

Ansible ssh key connection Refer to The advantages of an ssh key over a basic authentication are: no raw password (but you can encrypt passwords using ansible vault) one unique private key to connect to several nodes (but of… Continue Reading →

Public key authentication on Linux – best practices: a more secure way to connect to your hosts without login and password

Note: for the whole article, I will work with a linux user called ansible on a host called also…ansible! 🙂 ssh-keygen When you use ssh-keygen you will generate a private and public key pair. And you’ll have to choose which… Continue Reading →

Install ansible 5 inside a python virtual environment with python 3.10.4

Note: The following commands are for RockyLinux, RedHat, CentOS, on other distros it will be almost the same. I’ve made the choice to connect to a user called ansible, and inside his home directory I’ve created a directory called ansible,… Continue Reading →

Python and virtual environments on Linux OS

Install python 3.10.4 from source on Rocky Linux or CentOS The following commands are executed as a root user. Virtual Python environment You can install several virtual python environments on your Linux OS. It will allow you to deploy a… Continue Reading →

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