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Do not trust chatGPT answers

Just be careful, chatGPT is a black box, you don’t know how it resolves your question. Furthermore on a question when you lack some knowledge, your no able to evaluate the quality of the answer. For instance, I’ve just knock… Continue Reading →

Tomcat start with ansible doesn’t work, tomcat starts but process doesn’t stay active

It happens because when ansible close it’s ssh connection, and when the ssh connection is closed the kernel sends SIGHUP to the controlling process of the ssh connection. But when execution, the java process will receive the SIGHUP and… Continue Reading →

.bash_profile environment variables are not set with ansible connection when I become an unprivileged user

This happens when you use the become directive, for instance: The documentation says two things: The become_user set to user with desired privileges — the user you become, NOT the user you login as. Does NOT imply become: yes, to… Continue Reading →

How to run a docker image of Oracle Database Express Edition for test and development purposes

The Oracle XE database is for test and development purposes. Oracle Database XE Release 21c is the developer edition of the industry-leading relational database server. The Oracle XE Database server Docker image contains Oracle Database Express Edition Release 21c (… Continue Reading →

When using our company VPN, why some URL that are exposed publicly and also internaly, are sometimes not correctly resolved on employees laptop?

Description of the problem In your company you have an internal URL for a server, for instance: It means you have an entry for in your DNS server You also want to expose publicly this URL to… Continue Reading →

VMWare tools are marked as not managed by VMWare and you can’t install it via vSphere

if you encounter the message “VMWare tools installed but not managed” on your VSphere it’s probably because you’ve installed the open-vm-tools on your Linux OS, or simply they were already installed on your OS. And that’s OK. There is no… Continue Reading →

Start your oracle database server on linux boot: declare your database server as a systemd service

A systemd service define an application than can be managed by systemd, thus it enables you to start your database on linux boot and also to shut it down on linux shutdown.Furthermore it allows other systemd services to wait for… Continue Reading →

Can’t start my application as a service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=217/USER

Maybe you specify the wront user or group in your systemd service. Or another case, rare, that I’ve met in my work place: your application is executed by the forbidden uid / gid: 65535 So what you can do with… Continue Reading →

SELinux tricks

SELinux context not changed after semanage fcontext and restorecon Verify the order in which your SELinux rules will be applied You have the order in which the SELinux rules have been added. It is this order that will be followed… Continue Reading →

Python ImportError: No module named Tkinter for python source compiled

You can find a lot about this error on internet, but most often they are the simplest answers using package manager to install the missing module. But it’s not always the solution. Firstly, why do you need tkinter? Do you… Continue Reading →

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