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Python ImportError: No module named Tkinter for python source compiled

You can find a lot about this error on internet, but most often they are the simplest answers using package manager to install the missing module. But it’s not always the solution. Firstly, why do you need tkinter? Do you… Continue Reading →

Developers should always encode url

Recently my software experience helped me to point where was the problem with a php source code given by developers. Developers thought the problem was a sysadmin misconfiguration with the miss php libraries or something like this because with their… Continue Reading →

How manage background tasks in your CLI and in your shell script application

First: do you know how to run background task not attached to your user session? Running a task attached to your current user session Imagine you establish an ssh connection to your linux host, or you just log into your… Continue Reading →

Shell script special variables ordered by frequency of used

$n Where n is a positive integer and takes values from 1 to a greater value not restricted. n correspond to the position of an argument givent to a script or to a function $? Exit status of the last… Continue Reading →

Install ansible 5 inside a python virtual environment with python 3.10.4

Note: The following commands are for RockyLinux, RedHat, CentOS, on other distros it will be almost the same. I’ve made the choice to connect to a user called ansible, and inside his home directory I’ve created a directory called ansible,… Continue Reading →

Python and virtual environments on Linux OS

Install python 3.10.4 from source on Rocky Linux or CentOS The following commands are executed as a root user. Virtual Python environment You can install several virtual python environments on your Linux OS. It will allow you to deploy a… Continue Reading →

Send an email on Linux with CLI or shell script without installing anything (no ssmtp required)

Prerequisites Basic example without encoding headers Case of an existing SMTP server without authentication ( can be replaced by the domain name of your smtp server or its IP address): At the end you can see “\nSubject: TEST send mail… Continue Reading →

Shell script – Variables evaluation : display line endings \n and don’t cut your parameter function

How to pass string with several words and line endings \n as a parameter to a function Solution : Second test rst test : $myvar will be replaced by it’s value that contains a lot of words with spaces and… Continue Reading →

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