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Security headers in your web site

You can scan your website here (don’t forget to check ‘hide result’): Then add the following code to your .htaccess or directly inside de server configuration file if you have access to it: Now it’s better:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: share a block storage between node with OCFS2

A regular filesystem is not intended to be mounted on more than one server at a time. And doing otherwise can lead to serious inconsistencies, damaging its logical structure. For instance, being unaware of each other’s activities, two servers may… Continue Reading →

Detect Active Directory users password expiration and send a reminder email

The following code must be executed as administrator on your active directory server:

Start/Stop windows services from shell script on linux server

Context: you have a shell script running on a linux server and you want this shell script be able to stop or start services on a windows server Windows: Create a local administrator Create a local administrator that we call… Continue Reading →

expdp / impdp causes Oracle segmentation fault (core dumped)

This error is caused because of a malformed command line impdp / expdp. Also it depends on your oracle server version, in recent oracle servers you will probably have less problem with the pattern combination. For instance you have several… Continue Reading →

Rocky Linux: remove remi’s php package

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